First introduced in the early 1970s, during the past 40 years, 3 million Jean Ring key rings have been sold world wide - that's about 21 Jean Rings every minute.

Solid Brass, Lifetime Guarantee
The solid brass Jean Ring key ring has a unique design. Use it once and you'll be hooked! The Jean Ring is one of the only key rings to offer a lifetime guarantee. If it ever breaks we will cheerfully replace your Jean Ring key ring.

With the Jean Ring key ring, you can comfortably hold up to 32 keys. The Jean Ring's unique design allows keys to snap on and off the easily, yet remain secure.

Wear your Jean Ring with Confidence

  • The Jean Ring key ring easily hooks onto waistbands, belt loops, pockets, and purse straps.
  • The Jean Ring gives you piece of mind and extra security when carrying keys in your pocket-clip to the side of your pocket and slide keys inside, out of sight.
  • Ladies: without a waistband, pocket or belt loop? Simply clip it onto your shirt or dress and you are hands-free - no need for pockets!
  • Also excellent for use while working out and swimming!
With its classic design, 8 different styles to choose from, solid brass construction and a lifetime guarantee, the Jean Ring is the last key ring you'll ever need.

If you've never heard about the Jean Ring key ring, or if you are a long-time fan and Jean Ring user, you will enjoy reading about the history of the Jean Ring.

Invented in the 1970s, the Jean Ring key ring's unique design and legion of fans have produced some unique stories over the years. Get the low-down on the Jean Ring key ring myths.

Jean Ring key rings are available in mass quantities to dealers.

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