In the 40 years the Jean Ring has been around, there are almost as many stories about the Jean Ring as there have been promotions. Here are some of our favorite myths about the Jean Ring.

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Myth: The guy who invented the Jean Ring is a millionaire.
I'm sitting next to a guy at a bar and he's got a Jean Ring hanging from his belt loop. And I ask him. "Hey I like that key ring. Where'd you get that?" The guy says "Oh, I got this years ago I can't even remember where. The guy who designed it is from St. Louis, Missouri. And he made so much money that he has a Chalet in Switzerland and a home in Carmel, California. And he still lives in St. Louis." I just looked at him and said, "The guy's probably schlepping cars somewhere on Manchester Road." True story

Myth: It's an IUD.
Um. No, it's not.

Myth: Ignition Problem
People in the seventies said that it would mess up a car's ignition. That's ridiculous! It never hurt anyone's ignition. In fact, if you don't have one in your car, you're car won't run right.

Myth: It's imported from China.
False. This is a Midwest, American made product.

Myth of Ginsberg
The Jean Ring key ring is in the Ginsberg Book of Records: That's GINSBERG, Jewish feats, not Guinness. The only Jew in the world to sell 3 million of something and not make any money.

Myth about "those ridges":
Ridges are Braille: Blind people can use keys and do use keys. But it isn't Braille.
Ridges are Hebrew: A guy from Israel said this. No it's not Hebrew.

True Jean Ring Myths:

Truth about "those ridges":
See in the Dark Feature:
You rub your key ring on the right. Put your car key all the way on the right (the last one on the right), your house key all the way on the left. When on your way to your car or house or whatever you're doing, rub your key ring. Left side up to the right is your car key, to your left is your house key (don't worry, you must read these instructions 3 or more times to understand them).

Real Truth about "those ridges"
The real truth, they give it rigidity and that "spring." So you don't need as many "tension tests" to keep your Jean Ring key ring running properly.

Real, Real Truth about "those ridges"
When the key ring is flattened out, the ridges are a bunch of numbers and letters stamped into a stamping dye. When the key rings are made, this jumble imprints onto one side of the Jean Ring. They don't mean borscht.

Kennedys Bar, circa 1977
There is a Jean Ring logo branded into the bar inside "Kennedy's" located in the area of St. Louis known as "The Landing." There was so much varnish on the bar that I almost lit up the place. We were lucky we didn't burn down the whole bar.

Everybody you talk to had one in High School.

Created as an offshoot of Marc Creates metal sculptures.

Colorized Jean Ring Key Ring, circa 1990
You can't get them in a color. We tried this, but the color didn't stay on the key ring after use. We could guarantee the key ring itself, but not the finish. We didn't want to put out an inferior product, so color Jean Ring key rings are not available.

Gravity Hook key ring, circa 1977
No longer available.
"Use in the event of gravity failure only. Hook in and hang on." Didn't sell well. Did make two Gravity Hook canes. I have one and Peter Max has one.

Jailer Key Ring circa 1978
No longer available.
Too expensive to manufacture. This could have messed-up your cars ignition. It was very heavy.